About The Park

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The Beverly Dog Park Committee formed in the fall of 2009 as a subcommittee of the Beverly Parks and Recreation Commission.

Founding members Ilene MacDonald (2009-2013), Tina McManus (2009-2012), Linda Davis (2009-present), Paula Powers (2009-present), Erinn Powers (2009-present), Clarice Grima  (2009-2014) and Florence Cenci (2009-present) along with a dedicated group of volunteers and founding members spent more than a year canvassing local neighborhoods to seek support for a dog park and searched for potential city-owned and private land that could be used for an off leash area.

Plans for a dog park progressed quickly in December 2010 after Mayor Bill Scanlon proposed four potential sites during a public hearing. The committee, with the approval of the Parks and Recreation Commission, chose to pursue our current location, a one-acre site owned by Beverly Airport.  The site was ideal due to its access to airport parking, shade, enough land for a small dog and large dog area, and the fact that the land didn’t abut a neighborhood or existing park.

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In March 2011 the Beverly Airport Commission unanimously approved the use of the l

and as a dog park and to allow the Parks and Recreation Commission to manage it. The city cleared the land in the late spring and volunteers helped to clean up the site in order to have a grand opening in late October 2011.

Special thanks to the founding members, volunteers, and city employees who helped make the dog park possible.

“Release the hounds” article.

The Beverly Dog Park officially opened on Saturday, October 29, 2011. The park is located near the Beverly Airport off LP Henderson Road (click here for directions). The park, open to Beverly residents only. Beverly dog owners must have a dog park tag to use the dog park.  Registered dog owners are eligible to receive a free tag. To obtain this tag, click here. Dog owners must abide by the dog Park Rules.

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The Beverly Dog Park relies on the support of the community and hosts several fundraising events through out the year. We hope to see you at our next event!

For more information on our fundraising efforts, please see our event page. We would like to give special thanks to Lifestyle Pets for their generous donations and invaluable information on largest dog breed directory and eXtreme Dog Fence for their free electric dog fence installation, which helps keep our pets safe on our 25 acre resort.