Special thanks to the following city officials, city departments, and individuals for helping to make the dog park a reality:

City officials
  • Mayor Bill Scanlon
  • Commissioner of Public Services and Engineering Mike Collins
  • Parks and Recreation Director Bruce Doig
  • Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Joscelyn Ruelle-Kersker
  • Director of Planning Tina Cassidy
  • Animal Control Officer Jim Lindley
  • City Solicitor Roy Gelineau
  • Purchasing Director David Gelineau
  • City Councilor Wes Slate
  • Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mark Casey
  • The Parks and Recreation Commission
  • The Beverly Airport Commission
  • The Beverly Public Works Department
  • Donor Jane Auwetter
  • Donor Virginia Burke
  • Keith Gaffney, Gaffney Woodcarving
  • Our website, created by Susan Whitelocks

The Beverly Dog Park Founding Members: Florence Cenci, Linda Davis, Clarice Grima (2009-2014), Ilene MacDonald (co-chair 2009-2013), Tina McManus (co-chair 2009-2012), Erinn Powers (Chair), and Paula Powers.

Gratitude also to all the volunteers who have helped at various events and clean up days at the dog park site over the past year, including Scott Shaffer, Norman Staller, Andrew Whitelocks, Susan Whitelocks, Elissa Sireuil, Joanne Wahl, Kim Malenfant, Abby Reeder, Jeff Bennet, Tracy Kureta, and Brad Gaige.

For a list of businesses that have donated to the dog park, see our event page.