Erinn Powers – Chair

Erinn has been on the committee since 2010. She is proud to have helped open the first dog park in Beverly, an open space for her dog Maisey and other Beverly dogs to run around in freely.

Erinn resides in the Goat Hill area and works for the Beverly Public school system. She also owns her own photography business, Erinn Kiley Photography, in which she donates her services for the dog park and all of its events.

Florence K. Cenci

Florence has been a resident of Beverly since October 2003. She works for the Division of Marine Fisheries in Gloucester and has been involved with the Beverly Dog Park Planning Committee since the Fall of 2010. She and her husband, Bob and their dog Watson can’t wait until their boys turn 10 when the whole family can enjoy the dog park together again.

Linda Davis

Linda is a mother of 2, Colleen and Ken. She has 2 beautiful granddaughters, 3 dogs and 2 kitties. She has worked  for 32 years at Sylvania as an Accountant and now works part time. 

She has volunteered for years at a cat shelter but she is happiest when she is home with her family and pets.

Paula Powers

Paula has been a member of the Beverly Dog Park core committee for almost two years. She joined the group to help establish a fenced in safe haven for dogs who could run free and socialize. She is an avid animal lover and has been known to take in strays and adopt shelter dogs (four greyhounds). She presently is the proud owner of 2 Alaskan Klee-Kai’s and 1 shelter dog and Nana to her grand-dog Maisey.

She is a pediatric nurse at Garden City Pediatrics for over 24 years. She has lived in Beverly her whole life and lives in the Ryal Side area with her husband John and raised her three children –  Erinn, Brendan and Keelinn there. 

Andrew Whitelocks

Andrew is originally from England, but moved to the US nearly 12 years ago and has been in Ryalside for the past 7. He lives with his wife Susan and 4 animals, Bentley & Heidi their Cockapoos, and Abby & Tio their senior cats. Abby also moved from England.

Although he has just joined the committee, he has been a volunteer since 2011 and enjoys helping to make Paddles’ Park, the place for dogs in Beverly.

Susan Whitelocks

Susan resides in Ryal Side with her husband  Andrew, their 2 cockapoos Bentley & Heidi and 2 kitties, Abby & Tio. 

She moved to Beverly in 2007, from California. She began volunteering for the dog park in 2011 and joined the committee in 2012. In addition to volunteering her time for the park, she enjoys travelling, crafts, and reading.