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Dog Park Tags

Where do I get my park tag?

Please see our Dog Park Tag page for detailed instructions on how to obtain a free tag.

What is required to obtain a dog park tag?

Your dog will need a current Beverly Dog License, proof of rabies vaccination and proof of spay or neuter. 

If I do not live in Beverly, MA, can I still obtain a dog park tag?

At this time, the dog park is open to Beverly residents only. 

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Using The Park

Are children allowed in the dog park?

For the safety of children, children 10-17 years of age are permitted at the dog park, with an adult. Children under 10 are not permitted in the dog park.

Is smoking permitted at the dog park?

No, smoking is not permitted at the dog park.

Are Chuckits permitted at the dog park?

Yes, they are. We do ask that all stick, chuckit & ball throwing take place at the back of the park to avoid people & dogs being struck by flying objects.

How can I donate to the park? 

If you would like to donate to  Beverly Dog Park, please see our donation page with full details. 

Who do I inform when an incident occurs at the park?

If you have a safety issue that needs addressed please follow these steps:

  1. If it is a safety emergency (if a person or dog is seriously hurt or in immediate danger of being seriously hurt) please call 911.
  2. If it is a safety issue (you are able to extract yourself from the situation and get to safety) please try to get a license plate number and make/model of the car for the person who owns the offending dog (or for the offending person), and send it with a description of the incident.

Do not try to deal with an aggressive person or dog yourself. Just leave the park and be safe.

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How old does my dog need to be to play in the park? 

Your dog needs to be at least six months old and spayed or neutered to play in the park.

Is there a restriction on the breed of dog allowed in the park?

There is no restriction on the breed of dog allowed in the park.  Just make sure your dog gets along with other dogs.

When can owners bring their dog to the park?

The park is open year round, from dusk until dawn.

Do owners have to be in the play area with their dog? 

Yes!  If you bring your dog to play in the park, make sure you are in the fenced-in play area!